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O modelo adoptado por uma cidade amiga do ambiente - Hammarby Sjöstad (Suécia). Nas palavras de Lavoisier - Na Natureza nada se perde, tudo se transforma. Cada vez mais, é altura de adoptar este modelo à protecção ambiental, porque corremos o risco de destruir a água potável, o ar respirável, o solo cultivável, ...

Entre os objectivos ambientais encontramos:

Land usage: sanitary redevelopment, reuse and transformation of old brownfield sites into attractive residential areas with beautiful parks and green public spaces.

Energy: renewable fuels, biogas products and reuse of waste heat coupled with efficient energy consumption in buildings.

Water & sewage: as clean and efficient as possible - both input and output – with the aid of new technology for water saving and sewage treatment.

Waste: thoroughly sorted in practical systems, with material and energy recycling maximised wherever possible.

Transportation: fast, attractive public transport, combined with car pools and beautiful cycle paths, in order to reduce private car usage.

Building materials: healthy, dry and environmentally sound.

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